Quizo is a general knowledge team trivia game, played every week in participating establishments. Teams of up to 8 players compete against each other to win fabulous prizes. With quiz nights have exploding all over the Boston area, crowds of loyal customers show up every week to take a shot at the title of Quizo Champs! On Tap Trivia wants to bring this excitement to your establishment. The game is run by a skilled Quizo jockey, live over a PA system, keeping the crowd entertained for over two hours. All you provide is the venue and the prizes, and we will take care of everything else.  

Why Quizo?

  • Everyone loves trivia and competition of playing live against other teams
  • Quizo attracts a regular crowd of 40-100 people each week
  • Quizo covers a wide array of topics that appeal to crowds of all ages
  • Most importantly, Quizo is profitable for you!

How does Quizo Work?

  • The game consists of 30 questions including a 10 question bonus picture round
  • The quizmaster will ask the questions over the PA system and the teams write their answers on the provided Quizo Answer sheets.
  • One point is awarded for each correct answer and at the end of the game one team is crowned Quizo champ for the week.

On Tap Trivia provides all the questions, a charismatic quizmaster, the PA equipment and all materials. All this for a modest weekly fee.

On Tap Trivia also provides trivia entertainment for special events!


If you're interested in "a good time....", check out our contact page!